Most surfers visiting Nosara head straight for Playa Guiones, which has one of the most consistent waves in Cost Rica. Nosara catches both North and South swells, and there are are surfable waves here over 300 days a year. Although somewhat hard to get to, Guiones is no longer a "secret" spot, and can get crowded - particularly during the dry season. The break at Guiones is sometimes called a "beginner" or "longboard" wave, but don't let that description fool you. True, it is a sandy bottom beach break, and when the waves are small it can be the perfect spot to learn. But when bigger swells come in, waves here can be quite big and powerful.

Iy is mainly a beach break with several good left and right peaks. Breaks well with all swells and tides. Guiones is often mushy at high tide, and tends to be more hollow at lower tides. This is an incredibly consistent, often forgiving break that can get quite big.

Olga's is a short right hand reef break directly in front of Olga's Bar/Restaurant in Pelada. Usually best at mid to high tide, with a decent size swell. It is certainly no secret that there is surf to be found on beaches to the north and south of Guiones. Still, these spots are best discovered on your own. If you are up for a drive, and willing to explore a little, you'll likely come across some great waves!



Quad Biking -ATV

ATV Rentals - Take an ATV / Quad to explore the surrounding area. Please NEVER ride your ATV on the beach.

    ~ Monkey Quads - 2-682-1001 /

    ~ Gunther's Quads - 2-682-0424

Other Activities

Snorkelling - At very low tide, there are some great snorkelling pools on the Southern end Playa Guiones. If you have a car, take a half hour drive up the coast to San Juanillo for the best snorkelling in the area.

Rodeo - Guanacaste summers (Dec-April) are rodeo time! The rodeo comes a couple of times a year to Nosara, Ostional and Esperanza. If it is happening while you are here, go check it out. The highlight is the bull riding, but there is lots to do and see.

Wildlife Viewing - It is hard to spend more than a few hours in Nosara without seeing new and interesting wildlife. Monkeys, parrots, iguanas, pizotes and more.... If you really want to see lots of wildlife, take a kayak tour or horseback ride, or visit to Nosara Biological Reserve at the Lagarta Lodge.

Lagarta Lodge Sunset Bar - If you enjoy a cocktail at sunset, visit the Lagarta Lodge Sunset Bar. The view is spectacular, particularly at sunset - and they make best Margarita in town.

Ostional Turtle Refuge  - Visit the Ostional wildlife refuge during an arribada and see thousands of Ridley turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

Rio Nosara Biological Reserve - Walk through over 40 hectares of protected land bordering the Rio Nosara, where you'll see beautiful plants and tons of wildlife. Access the reserve through the Lagarta Lodge. Go on your own or take a guided tours. Entrance fee $6 adults / $3 children. Guided walk daily at 6am for an additional $5

Banana Boat Rides - Bounce along behind a boat with up to six friends in front of Playa Pelada and Garza. Contact Daniel or Debbie at Vista del Paraiso 2-682-0637

Massage / Spa Services - Full spa services, including massage and facials are available through both the Healing Centre at the Harmony Hotel 2-682-4114 and L'aqua Viva. Massages can also be arranges through Tica Massage 2-682-0096.

Hiking, Biking, and Adventuring - There are a few walking trails that meander through the jungle and along oceanside cliffs here in Nosara. For a little more adventure, ride a bike at low tide on the beach to the south end of Playa Guiones, or go north on Playa Nosara to Ostional. To find more remote trails, visit area waterfalls, or go on a mountain biking trip, you'll probably want a guide. Contact Steve at Coconut Harry's 2-682-0574, Jungle Joe at Iguana Expeditions 2-682-4089 or Daniel at Vista del Paraiso 2-682-0637


Microlight / Gyro Copter Flights

Flying Crocodile on the road to Samara  where you will find the flying centre. It is the only microlight centre in Costa Rica. The flying experience is an adventure for all ages. Flying in an ultralight or gyrocopter with one of their experienced plots, is an experience you will never forget.

Horse Riding

Discover the breathtaking surroundings on one of our horses ! The horse-riding- tours guided by Beate or HW of Boca Nosara take you through rivers, jungle paths and typical villages. Walk, trot or gallop along the wide, dreamlike beaches.


The Best Sport Fishing in Costa Rica is in Nosara. Far removed from commercial fishing lanes and off the beaten tourist paths, the Nosara area is Costa Rica's best-kept fishing secret. The nearby 100 fathom ledge bends in towards the beach creating a pool of deep blue water very close to the shore.

Our waters are full of Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Snook, Cuberra Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado/Mahi-Mahi, Bonita, Rooster Fish and Pago Snapper. With FishingNosara you are sure to catch the BIG ONE and at a most reasonable price! Further information: Fishing Nosara.